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26 & 27 NOV 2019


Sirane Ltd

Sirane is an innovative UK-based packaging development-to-manfacture company making products including oven/BBQ/microwave cooking bags, flexible packaging, thermally-insulated bags (including small-run custom-print), absorbent products, microwave susceptor for crisping products in a microwave and more.

Our thermally-insulated bags are ideal for the takeaway/restaurant sector: they are available digitally printed, allowing for shorter print runs with no set-up costs; they are fully recyclable; great for branding - and keeping your customers' food hot. Bags are even available with anti-bacterial properties incorporated into the material.

Sirane is also a development company, and we can work with you - as experts in absorbency and material science - to develop products not yet on the market.

Tel: +44 1952 230055

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